Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

kyuss - welcome to sky valley

kyuss has the reputation to be one of the very first stoner rock/metal bands of the genre. i must admit that i didn't know anything about this band before i looked through a good friend's vinyl collection and came across a copy of "welcome to sky valley". he then told me that it was josh homme's first band, before he started queens of the stone age. i love qotsa's "songs for the deaf" album and have a bootleg copy of it, and i knew that i can trust my friend's opinion when it comes to stoner stuff.
so i saved the name kyuss for future vinyl purchases. i then saw the announcement that warner records would do a re-press of the complete full length back-catalogue, spanning four albums. all on coloured vinyl. that sounded very tempting. at one point i was close to buy them all on pre-order but then the voice of reason reached me. it was warner records so there would be a shit load of them pressed and i could pick them up along the way, one by one.
i got my first copy at blitz record store, kiel. they don't come cheap, over twenty bucks for a single lp without even an insert. of course, i couldn't help it and bought it anyway, so who am i to complain? the album is pretty damn good. it starts a bit weak with "gardenia" but afterwards only gets better from song to song. check it out here. the record is housed in a cover sleeve with glossy finish and inside a black dust sleeve. the record it self comes on lovely 180gr gold with black marble vinyl. elektra entertainment a.k.a. warner music. 1994/2016

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