Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

gorguts - from wisdom to hate

when i ordered the superb "obscura" from gorguts, i saw that century media also had copies of the re-press of the band's fourth full length "from wisdom to hate" from 2001 in stock. again the limited colour version. with this opportunity in front of me i gave it a quick listen over at the tube and wrapped it up as well. that these two were still available, even though the re-pressings are one year old by now, shows me that this band is fairly underrated. at least these two releases.
a shame in a way but real good for me. it means that my ignorance will not be punished by high second hand market prices. i didn't listen to "from wisdom to hate" as much as it deserved because i am quite occupied with "obscura", but what i can hear from the few spins, the album is a bit easier to comprehend. still complex but with more emphasis on atmosphere. again, the band couldn't remain in a steady line-up. most notable was the change on the drum-kit.
steve macdonald was the new drummer. he suffered from recurrent depressions and committed suicide in 2002. after this tragic incident the band called it quits in 2005. they would re-unite and return with a new record in 2013, but that will be another story. for this re-press century media pressed some 180gr silver vinyl out of 200 copies. the platter is housed in a slip sleeve with an printed dust sleeve and comes with a cd of the album. the dust sleeve contains interesting liner notes by mastermind luc lemay himself. a great package all around. century media. 2015.

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