Freitag, 29. September 2017

the dillinger escape plan - one of us is the killer

since i got into this musical entity of complexity and since i snagged two full length releases of them so far, i am always on the look-out for the rest of dillinger's output. these days i do not try to chase down a band's back catalogue as fast as possible, i won't rush things. there is simply too much stuff to buy and good things come to those who wait. in this case i was caught by surprise more than anything else. one day i got a message from a good friend with a picture of his copy of "one of us is the killer".
he said he just bought it in a record store with a voucher plus the store had a discount on all its items. these factors made for a pretty good deal on the record. the version he got sells for an average amount of round about thirty bucks on discogs and he snagged it for under the half of it. we got to talk a bit about the band and their unique sound and how we admire their innovativeness. but why am i telling you this? because the same good friend sent me another message a few hours later.
it contained a link to the german impericon shop and there it was: "one of us is the killer" brand new and on fancy white splatter vinyl for 9,99€. how could this be? a record that usually sells for at least the triple, still available after four years of its initial release and for a friggin' tenner. i don't know what's wrong with people but i threw this sucker in my cart as quick as i could and thanks to a friend i am now the proud owner of a shining copy of the dillinger escape plan's fifth album release. and what a strong record it is.
despite all complexity, all chaotic rhythms the band managed to even sound catchy in those moments. the actually real catchy and pop melodies among the chaos bring the second core element into their unique sound. check it out here. you won't be disappointed. the presentation is very elaborate. everything follows a black and white colour scheme. it all makes perfectly sense and feels valuable. sturdy sleeve and dust sleeve, insert in poster size, cd in slip sleeve and 180g white with black splatter vinyl. i have an euro pressing on heartwork music which is or was an imprint of bmg music. it was actually released on sumerian records and the band's own label party smasher inc. 2013.

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