Sonntag, 3. September 2017

converge - i can tell you about pain

at some point at the beginning of the year i read about converge working on new material to be released this year. as time went by without any informations of a recording process or similar, i began to doubt the actual release of a new album for this year. then, a few weeks ago, i got a message from a good friend with a screen shot from the converge facebook page, which showed a date in july.
when the day finally came, i was a little disappointed to see that all the buzz was about only a two song 7". i really hoped for a new full length but that wish should be fulfilled a bit later. nevertheless i ordered the 7" right away because it was a new converge piece of vinyl and this is reason enough for me. i ordered at kingsroad merch europe and they had an opaque blue version out of 1000 copies.
the first and name giving song "i can tell you about pain" is a typical fast and feedback induced outburst of converge venom the band is known for. whereas "eve" on the b-side is one of those fragile and desperate balladesque songs that show the other side of converge's sound cosmos. to me "eve" definitely lifts the silverware here. the sleeve has a metallic foil print all over it which made it difficult to photograph. nice teaser for the lp which i already pre-ordered. can't wait! deathwish inc. 2017.

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