Montag, 11. September 2017

suffocation - ...of the dark light

when i discovered this new york death metal institution something like a year ago, their at the time most recent record "pinnacle of bedlam" was already three years old. therefore time for a new release was long overdue. so four years after the pinnacle there is now the dark light. when pre-orders went live at nuclear blast, i didn't jump at it immediately because i figured that the coloured versions wouldn't sell out that fast. i was right with that assumption, you can still buy all three european colour-ways from nuclear blast.
what actually took me so long to get a copy of "...of the dark light"? the album was released in early june but i pre-ordered the new thy art is murder record as well and included it to the order. so it wasn't until late august that i could unwrap the band's new masterpiece. musically this is more of the same suffocation brilliancy. they didn't change much in their trademark sound but to me it doesn't go out of style. technical and fast death metal with that special ingredient, which makes me initially think of no one else but suffocation.
listen to "your last breaths" and the mighty title track. clocking in a bit over thirty five minutes, this is a short and hefty kick to the head. great album overall. with "epitaph of the credulous" they have now re-recorded five of eight songs from "breeding the spawn" on their following albums. three to go for future releases. my vinyl edition comes on nice azure blue and looks classy. it must be the same technique they use for the solid gold and silver colour-ways. it's pretty shiny and has this distinct water-sign-like pattern around the centre. 300 copies made. nuclear blast. 2017.

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