Samstag, 2. September 2017

forming the void - relic

the second record i put into my cart at kozmik artifactz was the sophomore release by a doom/stoner band called forming the void. again the main aspects for my purchase were the cover art and the bands in the description the sound of "relic" was compared to. funnily the artwork bears resemblance to the hyborian cover. it was time for hooded guys in a space background, it seemed. the album was recommended for fans of baroness, torche and mastodon.
this meant two out of three (torche is not really my cup of tea) and was a strong sign for me to check this louisiana based four piece. the band has a hefty doom metal sound with some progressive and lengthy outbursts. definitely appealing to me. the price was very moderate and so i had no excuse not to add the record to the cart. you can check out the record via this link. kozmik artifactz has momentairly sold out on the lp but you can order directly from the source, lonestar records. the band's first album "skyward" from 2015 was self-released. initially the follow-up "relic" was a cd-only release on the italian label argonauta records.
the band actually always opted for a vinyl release but didn't have the right partner for a vinyl output. the problem was probably that "relic" is actually too long for a single vinyl release. round about fifty five minutes of music call for a double lp release and thus for increasing production costs. therefore forming the void dropped one song and changed the tracklist so that lonestar records from germany could press the material on a single lp. 500 copies pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl. lonestar records. 2017.

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