Dienstag, 5. September 2017

obscura - cosmogenesis

obscura have really left their mark on my musical horizon. i bought their latest full length "akróasis" when it was released last year and it quickly became one of my favourite records of the year plus it helped to kick start a tech death obsession i still cherish. almost exactly one year ago i bought my last piece of obscura vinyl - their odds and ends compilation "illegimitation". that left me with two records of the band still to chase down, which are "omnivium" and "cosmogenesis".
discogs was a dead end because the prices asked for both of the records are far from what i call reasonable. ebay was even worse. no auctions, just offerings with inflated buy-it-now prices. a seller had both records at hand and was lowering the price each time the auctions ended without anyone pulling the trigger. "omnivium" was pulled at fifty euros, i believe. when "cosmogenesis" was at fourty euros, another seller from germany offered his copy for thirty bucks. i was there to end this price battle and left the war zone with a record under my arm for an ok price.
"cosmogenesis" is prog/tech death metal perfection. a timeless piece of culminated musical craftsmanship. not one note is random, everything is so deliciously sophisticated. check it out and bow to the sheer superiority of obscura's "cosmogenesis". the first and to this date only pressing is out of 1000 copies. here is the breakdown: 100 copies on the obligatory clear vinyl, 400 copies on 180g black vinyl and 500 copies on this beautiful opaque blue vinyl. comes in a slip sleeve with printed dust sleeve and is looking sharp! relapse records. 2009.

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