Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

trap them - sleepwell deconstructor

trap them is just another band with a rich back catalogue and quite a well known name in the genre that i am slowly getting into. of course i saw their name thrown around multiple times and saw records of them in various stores but there always have been more important stuff. a few weeks ago i thought i should reconsider my opinion of trap them and listened to some youtube videos. i can't tell you anymore which record i was listening to, probably "darker handcraft", but i thought it was good.
the next thing i did was to scour the market for available vinyl editions. there wasn't much colour vinyl available for reasonable prices but their first record "sleepwell deconstructor". it is almost ten years old by now and got re-pressed in 2012 by the label which released this album in the first place - trash art records. it seems demand wasn't too high because a lot of mailorders i regularly frequent still carry this title.
demons run amok had it in stock as well and as i was ordering the ringworm record of the last post from d.r.a. too, i thought it would not hurt to add this baby on top. the decision was also made in favour for d.r.a. because the description said it was the tri-colour variant which is the more limited of the two colour-ways of the re-press. when it arrived it turned out to be the less limited bi-coloured variant. i decided to keep it because the oxblood red is almost glowing next to the gold and i am too lazy to send it back in this case.
musically "sleepwell deconstructor" is, in one word, relentless. it's a bit too much venom for me at times but i dig it. if you read the first line in the band description on discogs, you don't need more explanation. it says: "you make it ugly and bitter, or you don't make it at all." enough said, check out "fucked as punk" and "destructioneer extraordinaire". there is a distinct converge vibe going on. no surprise it was recorded at kurt ballou's god city studios. oxblood red and gold split vinyl out of 750 copies. trash art. 2007/2012.

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