Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

incendiary - cost of living

i actually knew the band incendiary only by the name. i read about them at lenny's now defunct the emerging addiction blog. lenny praised them a lot and as we usually have a similar taste in music my interest grew. furthermore incendiary released a split together with xibalba and if i like one band from a split, it is likely the other band could be up my alley as well. the problem was there wasn't any vinyl available. only expensive second hand copies.
so this liaison between incendiary and me never came to be. not until closed casket activities decided to give this fine record a re-press. i heard news of this enterprise through my mailorder of trust per koro. i spotted it when glancing through the new additions section and happily added it to my cart. after it arrived and i dropped the needle on it, i was blown away.
"cost of living" hits you like a sledge hammer. it is a mix of some beloved european metallic hardcore like arkangel or congress, groove laden nyhc crossover and their own ability to create some heavy, dark and intense music. a monsters that spits venom, angst and rage right in your face and still leaves you wanting more. check out the full twenty six minutes of constant headbang at the tube.
closed casket did a formidable job on the presentation of this bad boy. it comes in a gatefold sleeve of nice matte cardboard and with fantastic artwork all around. this is the third pressing by now. it comes with 1.000 copies in total. 300 on a black-white-red tri-colour edition and 700 copies on my clear red with black splatter vinyl. the record is cut at 45 rounds per minute for perfect sound. closed casket activities. 2013/2016.


  1. vinyl looks ugly, although I have wanted to check out the music. Never reached to point to actually hit the buy button for this one.

    1. i can safely recommend it to you. i believe you'll be into it.