Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

suffocation - pierced from within

when i bought the two iron maiden records from the eighties this month, i felt pretty comfortable with that retro feel and so i thought i might check out some death metal classics from the eighties and nineties just to see if i find something interesting. i searched the bay for some vinyl and came across a coloured copy for suffocation's third album "pierced from within". suffocation formed in 1990 in new york and were one of the first bands mixing hardcore and grindcore with death metal. i found that pretty exciting and placed my bid for this recent re-press.
in the end i won it for a decent price and joyfully awaited my copy to show up. only it didn't and so i asked the commercial seller where it might be. they said they sent it but it must have got lost in the mail and so said to send a replacement. the replacement finally arrived but had an ugly seam-split and above all wasn't coloured. eventually they offered me a refund and said i could keep the record. wow, this i call customer-friendly behaviour. even though the deal didn't work out, i think i'll buy from this seller again.
i don't think i will go for the coloured version of "pierced from within". i'm ok with my 180gr black copy for free. musically this is pretty good technical death with loads of groove and head-banging potential. will look out for more suffocation stuff. this 2016 re-press is, apart from a bootleg from 2013, the first vinyl pressing of this album from 1995, actually released on roadrunner records. listenable records from france did the job and it looks solid. sturdy cardboard sleeve and insert. nice! listenable. 2016.

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