Samstag, 30. Juli 2016

teamkiller - some scars some hope

teamkiller's first solo 7" after their split release with bleeding into one. the band was founded 2003 in stuttgart, germany. the same year they released said split 7" on dead serious recordings. one year later saw the birth of "some scars some hope". both, band and label have called it quits by now but the legacy remains and i found a part of it on ebay recently.
it was one of that auctions i knew would end super cheap and so i got it for four bucks, shipping included. musically this is strong n.y. hardcore with loads of energy. it's nothing new but it's better than a lot of the rest out there. unfortunately i could not find any music on the internet for you to listen to. just search discogs and snag a copy for cheap.
"some scars some hope" was pressed to vinyl by cathargo records under liscense from dead serious recordings. cathargo is another defunct label from bonn, germany. they released round about ten records, among them zero mentality's "in fear of forever". the presentation is a three-fold sleeve affair which houses a nice white vinyl platter. unfortunately i couldn't find how many copies were made. carthago records. 2004.

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