Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

ringworm - scars

cleveland's powerhouse ringworm is one of my recent obsessions. i am on a mission to get all their full lengths on coloured vinyl. i have now five of them, "scars" included. if i count the pre-order for their new record officially being released in eight days, then there are two to go. but now let's talk about "scars", the band's 2011 output. it's another album that was released on chicago's victory records and it was also the last one for this label. and again, a ringworm album delivers.
the guys around james balloch, also known as the human furnace, just know how to write a dynamic and variable heavy record, balanced somewhere between the thin lines of hardcore and metal. the human furnace sounds as aggressive as in his early days and the two guitarists john comprix and matt sorg just have a sense for the right riff and the right solo in the right moment. there is not one stinker to be found on "scars". check out the epic title song and "cleansing of the fall".
i bought this cracker at the bay via the demons run amok ebay shop. i didn't order anything from this fine german d.i.y. label for quite some time because i wasn't really interested in their latest releases, but i knew the order process would be smooth. the record came in in perfect condition. second press white vinyl out of 452 copies and some real sick looking artwork by jacob bennon of converge fame. victory records. 2011.

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