Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

strife - my fire burns on

look what was in the mail today. it actually had been two records. one very hardcore and the other very metal. i start with the hardcore platter. this strife 'my fire burns on' 7" crossed my path on ebay. it has been quite some time since i got anything from the bay. it seems nobody is selling anything interesting these days. the more i am happy with this nice colour 7" being a real bargain in the end.
this 7" was released in 1992 through new age records. it was the follow-up release to their self-titled 7" of the same year, of which its musical content was actually recorded a year prior in 1991. next to 'in this defiance', 'my fire burns on' is their strongest material to me. although only three songs being pressed to the plastic, these songs breath this frantic energy for which i love strife. go listen to this ten minutes long, nineties hardcore eruption.
i have a copy of the third pressing from 2010 if information proves correct. since the second pressing from 1994 the 7" got a revised cover basically showing the burning of a first press cover. i really like that smart take on the title and how the label and/or band distinguished second from first pressing. there are three different versions of the third press. mine being the most common one out of 350 tan coloured copies. new age records. 1992/2010.