Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

the black dahlia murder - miasma

the black dahlia murder's second full length is one of those i waited for a re-issue for quite some time. original copies of "miasma" sell for an average of 190€ over at discogs and therefore it was clear to me that i would have to wait for a re-press. somehow it wouldn't come. i saw "nocturnal" being re-pressed, saw "unhallowed" and even "deflorate" being re-pressed but no sign of "miasma". even though the sophomore album of detroit's finest is a fan's favourite, metal blade persistently neglected it.
a month or so before when i checked the emp mailorder pre-order section, i came across the long overdue re-press of this great album. indeed, it took me nothing more than seconds to take the coolest colour variation and proceed the check-out. musically "miasma" is definitely among my dahlia murder top four (together with "nocturnal", "ritual" and "everblack") and it was the first album of them i got into. i remember that a good friend in school passed me "unhallowed" and "miasma" on cd. while "unhallowed" left me underwhelmed at first listen (i drastically changed my mind about that) "miasma" was an instant hit.
so, twelve years after its release, "miasma" didn't lose a bit of its ferocious brilliancy. thankfully metal blade stood pretty true to the initial pressing from 2005. artwork on front and back of the cover, the lyric sheet and the vinyl centre labels - all stayed the same. the only little change is the label logo with skull and swords. the vinyl colour i snagged was limited to 200 copies and is one of the most limited configurations. that clear with multi-colour splatter looks sharp. metal blade. 2005/2017.

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