Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

cryptopsy - blasphemy made flesh

cryptopsy and me wasn't love at first sight. the first time i heard of them was via lenny's blog the emerging addiction. back then i wasn't interested. my musical taste evolved since then and i began to dig into the history of extreme metal. at the moment i obsess over early death metal releases. "blasphemy made flesh" was released in 1994, a time where death metal was right in the process of declining after a peak in the late eighties and early nineties. cryptopsy went down a more extreme path.
the band played a highly technical demanding and challenging brand of death metal. after i re-visited lenny's blog and came across cryptopsy for a second time i checked out some tunes on the tube. i still wasn't sold but found it interesting at least. when i was browsing through the animate records mailorder looking for a record to add to the benediction lp, i thought it was good idea to finally give it a go. "blasphemy made flesh" is a rock solid piece of technical death metal. great song structures, fast and slow in a good mix (more fast than slow) and some great melodies.
the only thing i find a bit bothering is the voice of vocalist dan greening a.k.a. lord worm. it is so incrompehensible that sounds like cloudy barking and that sucks at times. listen for yourself. animate had a black friday deal going on and so i paid twenty percent off the regular price, which was decent already. a steal in my book. i am happy that i snagged a war on music records pressing. they come in a single sleeve instead of a gatefold sleeve like hammerheart records pressed them a year ago. heavy clear vinyl out of 250 copies. war on music. 2015.

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