Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

benediction - the grand leveller

the next nineties death metal record in my collection. this time it is about the second benediction full length "the grand leveller". benediction was a band from birmingham, england. i am not to one hundred percent sure if the band called it quits but since the last activities on their facebook page are dated over a year ago and the last album is almost ten years old, i think it is ok to state them dead and gone. they released a string of great death metal records from 1990 to 1993 and this is the one in between.
"the grand leveller" was released by nuclear blast records, like all their full lengths before and thereafter. it's a great pummeling piece of death metal and added to the success of the predecessor "subconscious terror". like all the classic benediction records, "the grand leveller" doesn't come cheap. doesn't matter if you want the re-press from 2010 or the original pressing. as i was out for the original i came across many high-priced offerings. some with astronomic price tags and none of which i wanted to pay the money asked for.
then i stumbled upon an ebay buy-it-now offering with a reasonable price tag. the pictures showed a cover and printed dust sleeves which had seen better days but the record seemed to be in a good shape. i still hesitated because it would mean a compromise. when the seller lowered his price, i was ready to compromise and am happy with the decision. yepp, the cover lived the rock'n'roll dream but the record is in a very good condition and this is what counts. love the old nuclear blast centre labels of the vinyl. nuclear blast. 1991.

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