Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

metal massacre ten

the record of today's post isn't a special one by any means and i didn't even pursued the purchase. it kind of fell into my hands. i like to go on flea markets in my area and seek seventies and eighties pop, prog rock stuff. very rarely there is anything metal related among the second hand vinyl. if so, it is mostly ac/dc and they are more hard rock than metal. so when i come across something for a good price, i don't hesitate to grab it.
in this case a friend and me were working our ways through a pile of assorted records. he came up with a nice bruce springsteen lp and i found this metal massacre number ten. i knew that metal blade records were releasing these compilations and that some famous bands had their first appearances here. do i hear metallica anywhere? when i looked for the tracklist, there was not one band that sounded familiar but for measly four bucks i figured it could do no harm to take it.
after i spun the album i understood why no band sounded familiar. there is just pretty average stuff to be found here. beside of two bands none of them got past the one full length mark. after all i won't spin this very often but i think it is cool to have, especially in that fine condition. only the printed dust sleeve looks a bit worn, cover sleeve and vinyl are in great condition. the songs for the comp were chosen from mid 1988 to early 1989. the record itself was released in early 1990. metal blade records.

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