Montag, 2. Januar 2017

wretched - the exodus of autonomy

another year rolls in and i need to clear my last remaining 2016 records. six records that i will deal with in the upcoming posts. the first one will be wretched's debut full length called "the exodus of autonomy". wretched's sophomore album "beyond the gate" was one of the first records i bought round about five years ago and i always liked because of its progressive thinking. even though they have an undeniable the black dahlia murder influence on their music, they still manage to deliver really sophisticated and well thought-out music on this album.
2015 victory records decided to finally press the first and third wretched record to vinyl which had been to this point cd releases only. i always meant to pick them up but it took me a whole year to finally add them to my belongings. ordering with victory is always a pleasure. nice contact, fast delivery and good packaging and as a side effect, the fine dudes and dudettes at victory sent me some replacement covers for the beaten ones i recieved with my last order (read here). thank you guys very much!
on their debut wretched sounds less technical and their melodic death metal influences are much more prominent. they yet had to find their own sound and even though the guys knew how to write a good song, individuality isn't an attribute of "the exodus of autonomy". nevertheless the record is really good. if you are willed to overlook the lack of an unique sound, you will be well entertained listening to this vinyl record. i enjoy every bit and that lovely vinyl colour caps it all off. 165 copies on "purple abyss". victory records. 2009/2015.

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