Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

fallujah - nomadic

after i got meself all the fallujah full length records on coloured vinyl, there was only one missing piece left in the puzzle - their "nomadic" 10" release from 2013. it was released in between "the harvest wombs" and "the flesh prevails". knowing the full lengths i can surely say that "the harvest wombs" is my favourite album of the band and it feels like the two songs of "nomadic" could have been on the debut as well, even though they are closer to the second record time-wise. "the dead sea" and "venom upon the blade" are unbelievably strong!
still with only eighteen minutes of duration, while five minutes for the soundscape called "silent" doesn't really count, "nomadic" is my favourite release right after the band's first album. i ordered it via an ebay seller from switzerland. it was the same seller i bought other oversea stuff from lately, the invoking the abstract record for example. problem with this seller is they don't provide one with further information of pressing and colour, so it was a gamble. i was pretty sure that i would get a second press copy from 2015. this pressing came with two colour-ways.
the first colour was a darker shade of clear blue, called "sea blue" and the second colour was an opaque purple, "grimace purple". i hoped for the purple version because of its opaqueness but was unsure because i didn't know a thing about the limitations. in the end i lucked out and got my desired copy in perfect condition. well, well, job done for the complete fallujah colour vinyl collection. two of them were a little on the expensive side but still worth it. i go listen to some fallujah... unique leader records. 2013/2015.

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