Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

kreator - enemy of god

the last kreator re-press before we hit the new release "gods of violence". this time it is "enemy of god" from 2005. just like "violent revolution" i didn't know the band's eleventh full length record when i ordered a copy. in the meanwhile when i waited for the record to arrive i didn't listen to it via the net as well, because there is nothing like experiencing new old music by dropping the needle on a vinyl record. so when my pre-order package arrived timely on friday - i ordered "enemy of god" together with the new album from nuclear blast - i was eager to set the music free.
the "enemy" doesn't disappoint at all. a very strong album by this german thrash institution. twelve full songs, no interlude or instrumental, just straight forward metal with the right feeling for classic solos and melodies. "impossible brutality" and "voices of the dead" are two fine examples of what amazing song writing this band is capable of. the record was recorded in andy sneap's backstage studios in derbyshire, england. actually mille petrozza wanted to record the album completely analogue but sneap changed his mind. petrozza's idea was implemented in 2009 on "hordes of chaos".
analogue recorded or not "enemy of god" sounds real good. a modern and forceful production like i have expected from an andy sneap piece of work. the artwork was crafted by joachim luetke, who was also responsible for dimmu borgir's "death cult armageddon" and others. i mean, it won't become my favourite style of art but i like it for what it is, definitely better than the visuals for "hordes of chaos".
the presentation is solid all the way through. a gatefold sleeve with cool artwork inside and double 180gr vinyl housed in printed dust sleeves. i opted for the regular clear red vinyl version for "enemy of god" and am quite satisfied with it. looks real nice. so, this was it with the latest re-issues of three great kreator records. i am really looking forward to listen to the new album. well, i think this is just what i will do after posting this entry. smell ya later. steamhammer recordings. 2005/2017.

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