Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

fallujah - dreamless

since "the harvest wombs" was such a winner in my book, definitely one of favourite records i have listened to last year and still listen to on a regular basis, i was looking what else this band released. i remembered that they came up with a new record at some point in autumn last year and that it was put out via nuclear blast records. so my first impulse was to search the european shop for some vinyl. unfortunately the search ended with empty hands of mine.
after that fruitless attempt i checked the nuclear blast u.s. shop. they had some copies in stock but i wanted to avoid those mean prices for international shipping. i asked the guys at nb europe if i could order through their shop or if they plan to distribute a few copies in the future. they negatively replied to both parts of the questions with the addition that i must have missed the copies they have already sold. yeah, i must have obviously. ah well, fuck it. i bit the bullet and ordered from the states.
still cheaper than to get a copy from discogs and the like, furthermore i was lucky that nb usa had my desired title on clearance. all in all it was ok from a financial point of view. so now to the more interesting side, the music. i needed quite a few spins to find my way through the compact wall of sound that is "dreamless". once the album sunk in the single contours can be clearly seen, or better clearly heard. pearls like "abandon" or "the prodigal son" are proof of the outstanding song writing abilities of the band.
fallujah has one nice instrumental - the title song - on the album which is a known procedure since "the harvest wombs" has two instrumentals on its own. the new additions to the band's sound cosmos are two electronical music instrumentals which are real classy and not cheesy at all. check "fidelio". the record might be not as good as the debut but if you like prog/tech death metal, there is no way around fallujah. the artwork is very nice and the vinyl colour fits in real lovely. 500 copies on aqua blue vinyl. nuclear blast. 2016.

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