Sonntag, 4. März 2018

pestilence - consuming impulse

the second effort of pestilence called "consuming impulse" was the band's breakthrough album. it was initially released in 1989 and is one of the very first real death metal records. the music became more complex, more tempo changes and vocalist martin van drunen (he sang for asphyx and bolt thrower later on) perfected his signature growling. this is truly a milestone for european death metal and with all due caution, i think i can state "consuming impulse" as my favourite pestilence record.
this is the second hammerheart records pressing for this scorcher and for the limited colour variation they cleverly combined the two first press colour-ways. clear and mint green morphed into this lovely clear with mint green splatter vinyl. they did this with all the second press colour copies for the four albums and i think this is a pretty cool idea.
the presentation is top notch again. the record comes in a sturdy slip sleeve with lovely spot gloss print. again the whole centre piece of the cover and the single pictures of the band members on the back are spot gloss printed. an insert with all lyrics on one and a collage on the other side is also included. hammerheart stood very close to the original design, they just altered the printed dust sleeve of the original press to an insert. very good work. 300 copies made. hammerheart records. 2017.

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