Sonntag, 11. März 2018

benediction - subconscious terror

another gem for the early nineties death metal collection. the debut record of england's benediction on nuclear blast. vinyl copies of "subconscious terror" pop up quite regularly on ebay germany and sell for at least thirty five bucks, mostly upwards. coloured copies of the re-press from the same year for even more. discogs is also a pricey area for good condition copies. when i got a notification from discogs telling me there was a very reasonable priced copy from spain available, an idea began to take form.
i have a good friend who is coming from spain. so i asked him if i could get the record sent to his relatives for lower shipping and if he was picking it up when he would visit them. he agreed and a few preperations and weeks later i am now the proud owner of a record in great condition. the cover has seen better days but this fucker is almost thirty years old and it still has the hype sticker attached to it. that's all good in my book.
musically i prefer "the grand leveller" and "transcend the rubicon" but benediction's debut is beaten to second place only by a hair's breadth. grooving death metal with barney greenway's signature voice (he might be more known in combination with the band he joined after the release of this album - napalm death) is always a winner as long as i am concerned. the first album in a fruitful relation ship with nuclear blast records. do not know how many have been made. nuclear blast. 1990.

post scriptum: the cover artwork was used for other purposes as well. one of that purposes was a radio play i have on cassette. nice, little oddity.

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