Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

entombed - left hand path

another classic death metal release. since i bought the first morbid angel release on special grindcrushing splatter coloured vinyl, i entertained the idea of getting all titles of this early nineties re-press series from earache records. i won a copy of napalm death's "from enslavement to obliteration" a few weeks later and am now the very proud owner of the first entombed full length, entitled "left hand path".
entombed was pretty new to me. i never heard any stuff of the guys before just knew that other bands i listen to were often likened to them. now that i know the original i am surprised at how much bands like entrails or deathrite sound like entombed. that speaks for the originators of the death 'n' roll sound. they have this specific guitar tone that the aforementioned bands also used for their sound. "left hand path" is an excellent record all the way through.
i love especially the mood the band creates. the album is heavy and snotty and has the right dosage of doomy melodies. love the opening track in particular with parts included of the soundtrack to the horror movie "phantasm". as i am not the only one who thinks this record rules, original copies are pricey and hard to come by. so does this early re-press from 1991. when i saw a copy popping up on ebay with a reasonable but high starting bid, i set out to get this one.
in the end i had to pay a little more than starting bid but all in all i was satisfied with this purchase. i love the cover art of dan seagrave a lot on this one. the few faces in the woodwork remind me of the morbid angel cover of "altars of madness" also drawn by seagrave. the splatter a.k.a. marble vinyl looks awesome. hope i can get my hands on the remaining titles of this series in the future. earache records. originally released in 1990. re-press from 1991.

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