Sonntag, 12. März 2017

rings of saturn - dingir

i got the first and third full length by rings of saturn pretty much hassle-free as they were both available via a german mailorder, the second album called "dingir" seemed to be much harder to come by. i searched all my usual distros in germany and europe but came up with nothing. so i was already close to order a copy from the states where there are still a few copies available from indie merch store. i did one last try to find a domestic solution by just entering the band and album name at google.
among the hits was an amazon option for a "dingir" copy. the price was reasonable, especially when i considered what i would have to pay, if i ordered from the states. furthermore i had a five euro credit from my last amazon order and so it seemed like the perfect solution. i pulled the trigger and four days later my copy arrived. on the package i read that amazon imported the record from a warehouse of them in england. the vinyl was pressed in czech republic, sent to the american label unique leader and then sent back to great britain to finally land in germany. some records move in mysterious ways.
fortunately i recieve more and more records shipped in cardboard mailers with a crumple zone to prevent bumped corners. amazon shipped this way as well. thumbs up! musically rings of saturn delivered a diverse and sophisticated piece of technical modern death metal. not one weak song on "dingir". listen to the whole output here. unique leader pressed the album on clear green and opaque blue vinyl. i believe clear green was more limited and so it was likely i would get the blue variant. suited me just fine. love this shade of blue. winner! unique leader records. 2013.

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