Sonntag, 26. März 2017

hatesphere - the sickness within

hatesphere's "the sickness within" is one of that albums i had on my cd shelves since it came out. the album was released in 2005 and at the time i was eagerly awaiting for my cd copy to arrive. i loved the two predecessors "bloodred hatred" and "ballet of the brute" and couldn't get enough of their material. i remember when i listened to "the sickness within" for the first time i was blown away by songs like "the fallen shall rise in a river of blood" or the title track.
unfortunately the album cannot maintain the hit quality of the first half throughout the whole duration and to me, this album marks the beginning of the decline of hatesphere. i have a few albums the band released after "the sickness within" but they cannot come close to past deeds, especially without jacob bredahl on vocals who left in 2007. anyway, ten years after its initial release "the sickness within" got the vinyl treatment for the first time by danish label heartburn music.
i heard about the vinyl release two years ago but somehow never made an attempt to get a copy. when i was browsing the napalm records web shop to buy a birthday present for a friend, i found the limited splatter variant on sale and finally had no more excuses. since it was on clearance it was definitely a no-brainer to add it to the cart. the presentation is solid, slip sleeve with a printed dust sleeve, whereas the splatter is pretty pathetic. whatever, nice to listen to it again after such a long period of time. 100 copies made. heartburn music. 2015.

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