Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

converge - jane live

another converge live album. after i unloaded an unholy amount of cash to buy the boxset edition of "thousands of miles between us" and still i think it was worth every goddamn penny, i wasn't too much a fan of the idea to get just another live record by the band. when i learned that it would be a recording of their set at roadburn festival in the netherlands, my curiosity was aroused. the band played two evenings, one set called "blood moon" where converge played some odds and ends from their albums they usually don't. stuff with additional instruments and musicians like "cruel bloom" for example.
the other evening the band played their legendary album "jane doe" in its entirety on the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary. at first i was delighted because i hoped for both sets to be released on vinyl. a little disappointment crawled in when i realised only the "jane doe" recording was pressed to the plastic discs. after a few moments i came to the conclusion that "jane live" was still special and that i wanted a copy, indeed. but just for a moment consider the greatness of both sets in an epochal boxset. not that bad, right?
anyway, "jane live" was available in five different versions. the idea was to give five befriended artists the possibility to make their own run on the iconic jane doe artwork. a lovely and very collectible idea for all the converge fangirls and -boys out there. i gave the crazy idea of getting one copy of each version a moment of reflection but then decided to just get my personal favourite. i opted for the "main" variant with ashley rouse couture's real life reconstruction of jane.
i really like florian bertmer's take on jane as well but in combination with this lovely merge colour-way, ashley rouse couture was an easy choice. the other cover variants were crafted by john dyer baizley (from baroness), thomas hooper and randy ortiz - choose your own fav. all of the other variants are limited to 500 copies each. mine is limited to 2000 copies but fuck those limitations and take another glance at this beauty. pre-ordered from the european deathwish store, which is really a nice idea for all the fans over here. self-released by the band. 2017.

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