Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

the zenith passage - solipsist

after i clicked the add-to-cart button for fallujah's "the harvest wombs" lp at and realised that it was released on a label i never heard of before - unique leader records is the name - i set the filter for that label at hhv's tool bar to see if there was more. as you already know there was more. the first record that caught my interest from a visual point of view was the zenith passage's "solpsist". i never heard of the album title or even the band name before and so i checked the net for further information.
the unique leader website told me that the band consisted of former and current members of the faceless, fallujah and all shall perish. i know that name dropping alone doesn't make a good band but there are definitely worse bands to be connected with. i listened to some songs on the tube and knew from that point on that there was no way to deny the zenith passage, especially when hhv had a twenty percent discount on this title. i love good deals.
musically this is really reminiscent of all shall perish's classic "the price of existence" (somebody press this to vinyl, please). add some electronical born of osiris quirkiness and a little bit of orchestral dimmu borgir bombast and there you have the zenith passage. or something like that. check for yourself via the label's bandcamp. so whatever they do, they do it damn well. together with the philosophical lyrics "solipsist" is a complete package any fan of technical death metal should be panting for.
the sweet presentation will only add to the desire. the whole gatefold is graced with artwork by ken sarafin. transports a certain terminator vibe if you ask me. the visuals definitely match the musical mood. the first press comes on two colour-ways. a green merge with black splatter and my red/gold a side b side with splatter. at least this is what the unique leader store calls it. looks more like gold with pink and yellow splatter to me but it looks lovely; whatever you call it. unique leader records. 2016.

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