Sonntag, 13. November 2016

crowbar - the serpent only lies

new crowbar tunes are always welcomed from my side. may it be some re-press or a new record of these louisiana based sludge lords. something like two months ago i read about the announcement of the band's eleventh full length recording "the serpent only lies". pre-order information was pretty scarce and so i stumbled upon a pre-order option at nuclear blast for a clear green version. as i didn't mean to sleep on this, i placed my order immediately.
in the coming weeks more options popped up. a clear red version from emp and a gold version from napalm records. i wasn't that overwhelmed by the colour options but i was ok with clear green, as i thought it would be the least boring colour-way of the lot. a little more time went by and at one of my regular searchs in the nuclear blast new vinyl section, i came across a clear version exclusive to the shop. now clear vinyl isn't my favourite as well but definitely the coolest among them all. so i hit up nb asking them to alter the order and here we are.
crowbar is a phenomenon to me. this band managed to stay true to their sound for over a quarter of a century and still their stuff doesn't bore me. i have this problem with heaven shall burn for example. this band is repeating itself with every album by now and i don't feel the desire to get their new releases anymore. not so with crowbar. basically they repeat theirselves as well but i enjoy it. just listen to the killer title song, a masterpiece.
for the last two records, "sever the wicked hand" and "symmetry in black", e-one entertainment was teaming up with century media records for an european vinyl version. this time e-one joined forces with steamhammer records, a division of spv. steamhammer released "the serpent only lies" in a gatefold sleeve with printed dust sleeve and a cd of the whole album. as i already said, i have the clear vinyl version of 180gr quality and limited to 150 copies. e-one. steamhammer. 2016.

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