Freitag, 18. November 2016

doughnuts - the age of the circle

one of my best friends lives in elmshorn, a town in between my hometown and hamburg. elmshorn has a small second hand record store called von gestern which my friend and me usually visit when we are in town. a few times in the past i walked out empty handed but the last two visits had been quite successful. it started with an u.s. first press copy of cro-mags' "best wishes" album from two months ago and, next to the classic genesis prog-rock era record "wind and wuthering", went on with this interesting find here.
when i was flicking through the "punk and wave" section, i came across a familiar looking cover artwork. i knew that i had seen it before but couldn't quite put the finger on it. when i took a closer look, i recognised the victory records bulldog on the back. well, i was thinking to buy it but actually i didn't know what the band would sound like. then i checked the vinyl. coloured vinyl was gazing back at me. ok, that and the eight bucks price tag were all i needed to convince me and i took the gamble.
after i took it home and looked at the insert, i saw the band pic. an all girl band. first doubts began to creep up if this even could have the typical victory sound of the nineties. i feared it could be some pop punk like baby gopal, which were also on victory during the nineties. when i dropped the needle on "the age of the circle" for the first time, all my worries had been washed away and inwardly i apologised for my prejudices. this band sounds so heavy and so friggin' nineties hardcore - awesome. the girls come from sweden - yeah, world wide vegetarian/vegan straight edge, one simply got to love them. clear blue vinyl out of 514 copies. victory records. 1995

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  1. great post! Nice how you have build up the tension here... "Von Gestern", that's a great name for a record store