Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

nile - annihilation of the wicked tan vinyl

'annihilation of the wicked' is my absolute favourite record of nile and one of my all-time favourites in general. my first press copy on grey marble is out of 900 copies and as i said in my 'annihilation of the wicked' re-press post, the cover sleeve saw better days. the thing with such highly sought after records is mostly that one has to have patience. i mean, it's not like i had any other chance, if i didn't want to pay over the odds. so one day there was this ebay option popping up.
in the pictures i could see that it was one of the tan coloured copies out of 700 pressed. the seller obviously didn't know because aggressive advertisement of this fact would have surely led to more attention among potential buyers. anyway, it was there for the taking for a buy-it-now price. more than i was willed to pay. after one month of watching the record still sitting there unsold, the seller lowered the b-i-n price and i snagged it right away.
holding this record in hands, i really fell in love with the vinyl colour. at first glance the grey marble and the tan colour are hard to tell apart but only on pictures from the almighty net. next to each other one can clearly see that the tan colour is brighter and the multi-colour marble is pretty prominent. unfortunately i sold my grey marble copy before it dawned on me that it might be a good idea to take a pic of the two side by side.
ah well simply check my old post, compare and see for yourself. for now i am just happy to own this bad boy. the tan has a certain sand tinge to it which matches the overall nile themes very well. maybe someday i will be able to call a bi-coloured blue and black version my own. a vinyl-collector can always dream, right? tan coloured double vinyl out of 700 copies. relapse records. 2005.

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