Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

khemmis - absolution

so this is the other record that arrived two days ago. the very metal one. it is khemmis' first full length called 'absolution'. khemmis and me had a long way coming. when this album was released almost a year ago, i was aware of it because i get the 20 buck spin newsletter. i really found the cover art real cool but i never managed to listen to them. after that the album crossed my path here and there in one form or another but still there must have been more important records. when 20 buck spin announced the third press in a few months, i decided to finally check what the buzz was all about.
i listened to the whole record with the help of a complete album stream on the tube and was blown away. this is lovely doom metal the way i like it. ominously melodic and crushingly heavy. the label draw comparisons to bands such as pallbearer or yob and i think these are quite accurate. if you are into the aforementioned music groups then khemmis will be right up your alley. the six songs are doom metal perfection. maybe a little too close to the pallbearer sound at times but for a debut record it is outstandingly good. what is pretty unique about them is that the singer has one of those great classic metal voices and is able to produce quite some guttural growls as well. makes the overall sound very dynamic.
again, the cover art is looking sharp. wish i had such a pretty assassin to rid myself of opposing wizards. since i thought that 20 buck spin is selling their colour copies through their web shop exclusively, i ordered from the states which meant high shipping costs in the same breath. little did i know that van records from germany had some in stock too. now their copies are gone but i will check back for later 20 buck spin releases to save on shipping. 200 copies made on this lovely gold inside clear w/ white splatter. 20 buck spin records. 2015/2016.

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