Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

dead to fall - everything i touch falls to pieces

i used to listen to a lot of metalcore in the 00's. therefore i have a soft spot for this type of music which most metal or hardcore fans looked down on disdainfully. dead to fall is one of those bands that i listened to because they were on victory. the only record i know from dead to fall is actually 'villainy and virtue' but when i saw that victory gave their first full length 'everything i touch falls to pieces' the first vinyl pressing of the release, i couldn't say no.
in comparison to 'villainy and virtue' there isn't a big change recognisable. it's still that typical metalcore sound taking hints of hardcore, melodic death and black metal. it is not anything new or unique by any means but still, 'everything i touch falls to pieces' is a safe listen. solid all the way through and if the music of early killswitch engage, unearth and as i lay dying was right up your alley, then this will be too. check out 'eternal gates of hell' and 'the balance theory'.
this was the third record of the batch i ordered from victory records and sadly all came in with a dinged up upper right corner due to bad treatment during shipping. at first i was pretty pissed. i mean, by now i think it isn't that bad but when i buy a new record i don't want a damaged sleeve. so i e-mailed ryan, an victory employee, asking him if they had spare sleeves. as the nice chap ryan is, he positively replied and promised me to include the sleeves in my next order. cool thing. hopefully the package won't be damaged as well. anyway, 119 copies on magenta vinyl made. victory records. 2002/2016.

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