Montag, 21. März 2016

wolfxdown - incite & conspire

i am in a metal state of mind recently. if you watch this blog closely, the majority of my more recent purchases had been metal releases. just a few hardcore releases here and there and even though i really enjoy my hardcore when i put a new record on my turntable, i buy them more out of fear i could regret missing out on a limited colour version than i really await them eagerly. the same thing with wolfxdown's sophomore record 'incite & conspire'.
i really liked their first two 7"es and the full length 'stray from the path'. a lot of time went down the river since then and when i bought their teaser 7" for this album in 2015 called 'liberation e.p.', i was surprised as to how the band changed their sound. way more metallic, heavier all in all. i wasn't sure what to think about it but now, with the expirience of the full length, i think i miss the old wolfxdown. 'incite & conspire' is good, pummeling all the way through but they lost their individuality.
before larissa, the vocalist from the pre-2015 line-up, left the band they were a fresh, modern hardcore band with a nyhc tinge, now they sound like hatebreed. again, all is well executed. the guys know how to write a good, heavy hardcore song but to me, it's just that - good. it doesn't really excite me. we'll see what time will do to this album but for now i am a bit underwhelmed. check them out and forge your own opinion. 500 copies on clear red vinyl. end hits records. 2016.  

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