Montag, 28. März 2016

seven sisters of sleep - ezekiel's hag

one of that pricey relapse oversea orders that were just too good to resist. i know seven sisters of sleep for quite some time and knew that i like them but never made the attempt to get any vinyl of them. when these southern californian sludge/doomsters announced their third full length via relapse records i was quite interested and listened to some stuff via their bandcamp. pretty dark, noisy tunes that really appealed to me.
at that point relapse put up pre-orders for 'ezekiel's hag' with only one colour vinyl option. the 100 clear copies don't count to me as they are not available to the public. add the fact that this colour option is a relapse shop exclusive, there was only one way to get a hold of it: order it from the states. as you can see i did and the package looks superb.
musically this is a lovely mix of black metal, sludge, doom and that noisy converge feedback hardcore. love this shit! you can listen to the whole output and even the bonustrack at their bandcamp and i advise you to do so! the double lp comes in a gatefold with awesome, mystical cover art. i can't really say who the hag of the prophet ezekiel might be but she looks pretty menacing here. the vinyl comes on slick clear highlighter yellow with rainbow splatter.
i tried to find out where the cool band name comes from and found out that there is a botanic book by mordecai cooke written in 1860 dealing with the use of drugs throughout mankind's history. it's described as an unbiased and open-minded look at humanity's involvement with mind altering substances. whether this book is the origin of the band's name or not, it would fit the frame. 300 copies made. relapse records. 2016.

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