Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

electric wizard - black masses

the sixth month in a row with a electric wizard record on display. this time it's about their sixth full length 'black masses'. i bought this baby around the same time i ordered 'let us prey' and 'we live'. at one point early last year, nuclear blast carried some copies of this 'black masses' tri-coloured vinyl. they sold out pretty quickly and i didn't snag one because i wasn't into the wizard's work at that time.
when their music clicked with me while listening to 'dopethrone', i was looking out for any available album on vinyl. shortly after that nuclear blast took pre-orders for a not otherwise specified tri-colour vinyl version. i was wondering if it was the same that was available a few months ago but definitely didn't care enough to wait for detailed information which i actually didn't need to know i would like it.
hey, it was a tri-colour split so there wasn't a chance that i let this pass me by. in the end it was the same version they already offered. can't really find a sensible explanation as this is actually the most limited colour-way of the second press. these were probably some forgotten copies from the vault or something. whatever the reason was, i am happy with it as they look pretty awesome.
musically this is the very own electric wizard sound with which they started since 'we live'. 'we live' will stay as my favourite second line-up electric wizard record, still 'black masses' is a damn strong album. heavy, gloomy, catchy - all this with this sleazy seventies sound. what more can you ask for. especially when 'black masses' has this slightly erotic, occult artwork. worship the wizard on your phono altar under a moonlit sky. 275 copies made. rise above records. 2010.

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