Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

sick of it all - last act of defiance

in the past weekend i've moved the big stuff into my new apartment and put things where they belong. so now i'm finally able to listen to music from my turntable again. only piece that is missing now is internet access. momentairly i write up the posts on my comp, and take the data somewhere i have access to upload the whole thing at blogger. annoying procedure but time and a responsible technician will solve this problem soon. so now to the record on display.
the new effort of sick of it all called 'last act of defiance'. as long as i'm concerned, i think it's safe to say that soia are my favourite nyhc band. they released my all time fav nyhc record ('scratch the surface') and i love their socio-critical attitude and their more punk approach to hardcore. so actually i was pretty stoked to hear news of a new record. especially as my favourite producer tue madsen would handle recording matters. so many favourites here.
the new album is a grower if you ask me. i was a bit disappointed by the first listen. nothing that really stuck in my head. after a few more listens that impression started to change and after a few more, i'm pretty sure about the album. first of all it's a great one. to me it cannot top the more recent stuff such as 'death to tyrants' and 'based on a true story', but it easily outguns their fat wreck era stuff. check out some snippets of the brand new output here for a healthy dosage of hardcore reality.
this time i learned not to ignore emp mailorder, asi did with the latest madball record (check the last post entry). emp sold an exclusive red vinyl version limited to 200 copies, which has sold out by now. nice 180gr vinyl housed in a thick card sleeve and coming with a free cd of the album. century media. 2014.

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