Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

grave maker - demolition

with the purchase of the record of the last post 'grave maker - bury me at sea', i surely wouldn't leave it be with only one vinyl platter. checking ewald's other stuff i came across a 7“ that was destined to be the perfect match to grave maker's first full length. their first release called the 'demolition' 7“.
i foremost bought this piece of vinyl in order to complete my grave maker collection. i didn't really listened to some songs or was out for a specific pressing. ewald had a coloured copy and so i took the chance to garb it for a reasonable price. music wise this is no real surprise because all the songs also found their way on the full length.
but they are good anyway so check out 'the boatman' and rock out in your living room like crazy. the record was released on copper lung records. to me an unknown label. i don't know about other releases of them or if they are even existing anymore. my copy is of the first press. here is the breakdown: 100 copies on black vinyl, 150 copies on blue vinyl and 250 copies on my clear purple vinyl. also a green second press in existence. copper lung records. 2008.


  1. I once sold this record to someone called Ewald... Weird! Is he a Belgian?

    1. yeah, he is. it's the same guy i bought from in the past. so this was actually in your possession! that's pretty weird, haha.

    2. yeah indeed Tino. I added along with others to a big trade for a test press if I remember correctly...