Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

grave maker - bury me at sea

i got introduced to grave maker a year and a half from now, when i obtained 'ghosts among men' at burnout store. since then i was looking out for their record preceeding 'ghosts...'. but to put things into perspective, i took these photos here pretty much exactly one year from now according to their digital date. so it wasn't like it took me long to get this album, it just took me way too long to write about it.
after i bought a born from pain, a bitter end and a dead reprise record  from ewald at and everything went so smoothly, i looked through his remaining stuff to see what else i could want. so i came across this nice copy of 'bury me at sea'. the musical content is just as good as on 'ghosts...', very solid and very energetic hardcore with some melodic hints. check out 'wreckage' and 'it's raining again', the best songs of the record if you ask me.
'bury me at sea' was released on several pressings and versions. even a european and a picture disc release out there. i have an organized crime version of the first american vinyl press from 2010. i think it was 800 copies on this nice clear gold colour. nice touch that the a-side and b-side label are showing the coins laid on the eyes of the dead sailor from the cover. that said, i really like the cover art. great comic approach. Not as cheesy as their 'ghosts...' cover art. organized crime liscensed by think fast! records. 2008.

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