Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2019

ghost - meliora

i am working on my ghost collection and i am not far from a complete full length catalogue as of now. after snagging "prequelle" and then "opvs eponymovs" shortly afterwards, i was out for the second and third albums, namely "infestissumam"from 2013 and "meliora" from 2015. if i had earnestly pursued these goals, i already would have found solutions. the records are out there in multiple pressings and second hand marketplaces offer reasonable options.
other stuff held me back. i usually blow my monthly budget on new re-issues and new releases, so ebay and discogs finds became rare in the past. no difference this time and right so, because otherwise i still wouldn't know the greatness that is "meliora". i ordered this new pressing at nuclear blast. in preperation for the wacken show last year i listened to the hit singles of the two ghost albums i didn't have, sure that they would play those songs.
when i listened to "from the pinnacle to the pit", "he is" and "mummy dust" only the latter one could really grab me. so i was sceptical if that record was really for me. now with the experience of a few spins i can safely say that there was no need for such feelings. all the songs did click with me and i almost think it is my favourite of the three records i know by now.
the presentation is outstanding to say the least. the record is housed in a super glossy gatefold sleeve that has the accompanying booklet attached to the inside right panel. every single song has its own page and piece of art, which is just breathtaking. the dust sleeve is printed on the outside and black on the inside which is always a nice touch. on top this stunning white and red merge vinyl. yummy. 2.000 copies pressed. universal music. 2018.

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