Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018

depravation - II: maledictvm (tape)

you remember my post about the nile "at the gates of sethu" tape? i wrote that i do not want to buy tapes of albums i already had on vinyl. yeah right, who am i trying to fool here? this is actually the third album on tape i already own on polyvinyl chloride. well, be that as it may. when i bought the 50 lions 7" at the store, i was searching fro something to add to the order. you know, collector's rules and stuff.
i found a sweet looking item which was also on clearance and so the choice was an easy one to make. depravation's first and to date only full length is a real cracker. i got the vinyl edition years ago in 2013 and was blown away by its subliminal occult charme. the presentation of the tape looks pretty different to its vinyl counterpart and so i thought, i could use a copy of that cassette release. a lovely screen printed slipcase with a labled clear shell tape and a fold-out insert with all lyrics is what you get. hand-numbered out of 100 copies. life and death records. dark omen records. 2013.

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