Montag, 9. Juli 2018

bleeding through - love will kill all

the name bleeding through is back on the map. i was a bit surprised i have to admit. for the most part band combacks doesn't really astonish me these days but concerning bleeding through, i really thought they were gone for good. well, reality taught me differently. the band is back with the most succesful line-up from the past and what can i say? the boys and girl know how to write some killer metalcore songs.
the band proves that after six years since their last full length they still have something to say. the single songs get a specific urge across, to me the record feels faster and angrier than the last three albums. of course bleeding through includes a few of those kitsch choruses (which i still like, though) but they are part of their signature sound. so all in all nothing new but a high quality continuation of what the band is good at. check it for yourself here.
after the last few records were released through rise records and roadrunner records, for "love will kill all" bt teamed up with sharptone records. it is a subsidiary company of nuclear blast and targets a rather young audience. despite the close link of nuclear blast and sharptone there was no vinyl available via the nb euro store. i got my copy via and recieved the clear red variant. a clear with black splatter variant is also flowing around. 500 copies made of both colours. sharptone records. 2018.

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