Montag, 13. November 2017

monolord - rust

the mighty monolord is back. my wife always shakes her head in disbelief when the name monolord drops. to be fair, it is a quite stupid name but over time i think it grows into being just cool. names aside, i learned pretty early in the year that the swedish trio would come up with a new full length but this time i wasn't sucked into pre-ordering the record from sweden like i did with the predecessor "vænir".
after i pre-ordered "vænir" back in 2015, kozmik artifactz put up some opaque colours in their store and i always thought that it would have been cooler to get one of those. but i stepped back because i already paid enough for the band exclusive version. this time around i wanted to wait for kozmik to buy a copy from them and save on shipping costs. it worked out and so i ordered a mysterious "colour vinyl" copy not knowing what it would turn out to be.
as you can see, it came to be the opaque yellow version. musically monolord knows the score. upon first listen i wasn't completely convinced of "rust". the songs felt a bit dull. after repeated listens my opinion did a 180. the record crushes everything in its way and is such a laid back piece of doom metal at the same time - infectious to say the least. the closing riff of "at niceae" is representative for this contrast. crushing but laid back as well. check it out.
the record appeared on riding easy records, like all monolord records to this point. the label pressed numerous editions for "rust". as mentioned before i got a copy of the opaque yellow pressing out of 400 copies. nice shade of the colour. it is super bright. the fold out cover is made of sturdy matte cardboard which smells good (yeah, i smell at records too). a quality release all around. kozmik artifactz has some copies left. riding easy records. 2017.

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