Montag, 6. November 2017

gojira - the way of all flesh (blue/black merge re-press)

after the mastodon record of the last post another band out of my top five is honouring this blog. gojira. this french institution is unbeaten in terms of atmosphere, intelligent song-writing and sophisticated, yet philosophical lyrics. gojira never released any half-baked records, their discography is flawless. as the greatness of this band didn't go unrecognised among music fans, their recorded material is object to high demand.
listenable records didn't even press some vinyl for the initial release in 2008. the liscence to do so went to prosthetic records, which pressed some colour copies for the north american market. those copies fetch crazy prices on second-hand market places nowadays. listenable produced their first press in 2013 and keeps the record in press pretty regularly. i bought a copy of the second listenable pressing on clear with black and blue splatter two years back.
a good friend of mine shares the excitement for gojira with me and as a present i couldn't think of a better way than to get him his favourite gojira record "the way of all flesh". i was toying with the idea to get a copy of the new merge colour re-press anyway and so i gave away my clear splatter copy and ordered a new record at nuclear blast along with the recent cradle of filth release. the release date got postponed week after week until nuclear blast told me, that they wouldn't get any copies from the wholesale and then gave me a refund.
i got a bit nervous because all the german distros didn't carry any copies anymore. finally i reached out for the mother label. in the end i paid about ten bucks more because of the high shipping rates from france but i got a lovely blue and black merge copy eventually. this colour-way compliments the cover art superbly. great edition. unfortunately my printed dust sleeves are split on the edges but at least my cover sleeve is in great condition. got a little discount on future orders at listenable in return. we'll see when there is the chance to use it anyway. 700 copies made. listenable records. 2008/2017.

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