Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

summoner - beyond the realm of light

some new stoner metal in my collection. summoner is a band from the boston area an is around since 2011 if information is correct. they already have three albums out but somehow they have managed to elude me for the better part. i think it was during some e-shop surfing through the kozmik artifactz store, when a nice cover art cought my attention. i was intrigued by this dreamy picture of a mountain landscape and it made me want to check them out. after i listened to the first tunes of the album on the summoner's bandcamp page, i was sold already.
"beyond the realm of light" is summoner's third record. chunky riffs, fuzzed out guitars and vocals that reminded me of baroness' singer john dyer baizly. all in all it feels like a mixture of elder and said baroness with a little doom edge added, a combination you can't go wrong with. so of course i needed a vinyl copy of this piece. i checked some options and found a german seller on discogs who offered a coloured copy for a real good price.
the album was, as all summoner records to this point, released by magnetic eye records from the united states. they did some nice colour versions with the coolest being an obi strip edition but i didn't want to go the extra mile and order from the states. my baby blue inside bronze copy looks lovely in its own right. actually colour inside colour patterns work best with the main colour being a clear one. in this case you have to hold the record against the light to see the full effect. great match with the all around great art work. magnetic eye records. 2017.

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