Mittwoch, 5. Juli 2017

hatesphere - ballet of the brute

sometimes things just fall into place. a little after i snagged a colour vinyl re-press of the fourth hatesphere record "the sickness within", scarlet records announced a re-issue of my favourite and the band's third full length "ballet of the brute". technically speaking this is the first press of the album because it never got the vinyl treatment in the first place. a shame scarlet records didn't press any colour vinyl but this is really just a second rate complaint because the album looks lovely on black gold.
"ballet of the brute" was released in 2004 and i was already a fan of the band. my uncle and his band isolated had a good rapport with hatesphere vocalist jacob bredahl. also my aunt was booking shows back then and so bredahl's hardcore band barcode played the local venue a couple of times and so did hatesphere in support of their 2002 album "bloodred hatred". via my family connection i met the singer at a show in braunschweig which hatesphere played with cataract. because of me being the kid (i was innocent eighteen back then) i got a shirt and cd from jacob. i felt pretty cool that evening.
so owning this gem finally on vinyl brings back some real fond memories of a time when listening to hardcore and metalcore was pretty much all i really cared for. hatesphere with their thrash metal/death metal mix were not particularly part of that genre but they played a lot of shows with bands with hardcore background and so fitted quite well. the album aged really good and is still a scorcher without any weakness to me. check it out and bang that head. cannot say how many have been pressed. scarlet records. 2004/2017.

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