Sonntag, 7. August 2016

suffocation - breeding the spawn

i apologise for the lack of posts last week but their simply wasn't much to write about plus i was occupied with getting a ticket for the sold out wacken open air via ebay on sunday last week and then attending the festival which is only a twenty minutes drive away from where i live. i will tell you more about it in the upcoming post about my festival pick-up. but for now, let's move the attention to the record at hand. death metal at it's best with suffocation's sophomore release "breeding the spawn".
i had a lot of fun with their third record "pierced from within" and thought i might acquire more of the latest listenable re-issue series of the band's early titles. i wanted the clear yellow vinyl for "breeding the spawn" but unfortunately listenable sells their most limited colour-ways through their own shop exclusively and as the label is situated in france, it would increase shipping costs. so i searched discogs and came across an offering from a german seller.
in the end the price was the same as if ordered from france but i see no advantage in international shipping and so took the discogs option. to me "breeding the spawn" beats "pierced from within" to second place. the song writing is somewhat more compact. i really like the groovy parts and the charming nineties feel of the album. check it out here. the cover art is actually quite horrible but in a way which makes it almost cool again. well, almost. what does it show? an icey breeding ground for evil sculptures? anyway, 200 copies on "piss yellow". listenable records. 2016.

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