Sonntag, 21. August 2016

red fang - s/t

red fang's upcoming album "only ghosts" ranks pretty high on this year's new releases list. i love their "murder the mountains" lp, at this year's wacken festival they had a killer set and i am really looking forward to the club show in hamburg coming october, where i will be hopefully able to snag a tour copy of the new record. therefore i needed more red fang vinyl on my shelf. there were two records still to get for me and so i checked the market situation.
i opted for the self titled debut record from 2008. it was released originally on wäntage records from the states. the label did a black pressing and a limited coloured edition on red vinyl out of 121 copies. as this is pretty limited, copies start at 130 buck at discogs. no way i would unload that much cash on a record and so i settled with a re-press from six years back on sargent house records. the music itself is great but i didn't expect differently.
after i saw the video to "prehistoric dog", i wasn't doubting the quality of this baby. this release is actually a compilation and no coherent full length. the first four songs have been released as "tour e.p. 2" in 2007 and the last five songs as "tour e.p. 1" in 2006. the song in between, "good to die", is the only one that was written and recorded on the occasion of this output. sargent house did a real basic presentation here. cover sleeve and vinyl, there you go. sargent house records. 2010.

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