Montag, 3. August 2015

queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf

i am back from wacken festival 2015 and boy, it had been a hell of three mud-ridden days! the week before the festival started it was raining constantly so all ground, camping site and in-field of the festival area, were turned into one big pool of mud. especially the paths were all sodden and sometimes i was afraid my gumboots could possibly get stuck in the sludge. luckily i live not far from the festival and so i parked my car on asphalt streets in the village and drove home every night, to sleep in my dry, warm bed. others had not been that lucky.
anyway, friends told me beforehand that on the in-field one can find a big metal market tent with retailers with all kinds of related articles, particularly records and cd's. so of course i wanted to see that badly. thursday, the first festival day, wasn't that fruitful when it came to bands i wanted to see. first one started at seven p.m. and because of that, i planed to check the tent first, get some vinyl and place it safely in my car.
a word and a blow. i paid my three-days entrance of two bucks, got another wristband for entry and walked my way into the tent. i probably spent two hours of searching through vinyl racks and came across some interesting stuff. but nothing that really pushed me towards a purchase. but then i pulled this baby. queens of the stone age's 'songs for the deaf' record. and above all on coloured vinyl. one disc on opaque red and the second disc on clear red vinyl. back in 2002 my younger sister bought a cd copy and really recommended it to me.
it was a strange sound for me back then, amidst all korn and some cradle of filth but i really liked it. now it fits my stoner mood to the point. i knew that alot of bootlegs are floating around and i already smelled the rat, but even prices for the bootlegs are pretty high and so i took the gamble. yesterday i checked the net and yep, it's a bootleg. i mean the spanish version of 'gonna leave you' instead of the original was already a prime indicator, but as i really love this record, it's ok. not the best quality but it'll sweeten the wait for a re-press.

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