Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

strife - one truth

blueprint nineties hardcore. inextricably linked to this statement is a band called strife. everything that has to be said about them had been said. the hype they generated with their first two victory records, their split in '99, i think, their edge-break, their comeback with 'angermeans' and the long time of uncertainty until their return to form with 'wittness a rebirth'. you all know about that so let us go directly to the music and to the record itself.
'one truth' is a hulk of a debut album. metallic shaped hardcore with simple but very strong lyrics. yeah man, that's good shit. check out 'through and through' and 'lift'. obviously you know the songs but just for the hell of it. the album was released in 1994 and came on three colours. 500 on red vinyl, 510 on lovely opaque light blue vinyl and black vinyl. never saw any of the coloured records on ebay though, so i was quite happy to see the rare clear w/ black smoke re-press poping up on the bay.
victory seems to press all of their newer records and re-pressings on a clear w/ smoke colour-way limited to 100 copies (this one is out of 109 though). i was able to snag that shining copy for the price of a regular new lp. i think they were supposed to come with a download code, understandably mine is missing here. unlike the first pressing, this comes with a glue-pocket sleeve instead of a gatefold. but i'm quite fond of that. victory records. 1994/20??.

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